Our work is important and necessary

The number of seniors in our country will grow exponentially over the coming years. Meals on Wheels is a proven public-private partnership that effectively addresses the challenges of aging by promoting health and improving quality of life for our nation's most vulnerable seniors.

By leveraging the existing Meals on Wheels network, we have the opportunity to not only keep seniors at home, but also save billions in tax dollars by keeping them out of more costly healthcare settings.

We rely on the support of our community for volunteers and funders to help us serve the ever-growing older adult population.

Our services are an important and necessary part of the aging community. But, did you know, we are a great value?  Meals on Wheels can save taxpayers money by helping seniors avoid costly hospital admissions, trips to the emergency room, and early placement in a long term care facilities. In fact, Meals on Wheels can serve a senior for an entire year for the same cost as just one day in a hospital or 10 days in a nursing home?

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